Describe the technology we have.


  • Microwave

    Frequency: GHz
    Scope: long
    Directivity: high
    Antenna device: Parabolic circular antenna, step-by-step arrangement, rectification antenna
    Applications: Solar satellite, unmanned aerial vehicle power supply, electric vehicle

  • Magnetic induction

    Frequency: Hz - MHz
    Range: short
    Directivity: low
    Antenna device: wire coil Application: Mobile phone charging device
    electric toothbrush charging
    Shaver battery charging
    Induction stoves and industrial heaters

  • Magnetic induction

    Frequency: KHz - GHz
    Range: Medium
    Directivity: low
    Antenna device: tuned wire, lumped constant resonator
    Application: Portable charging device
    Biomedical implant / electric vehicle / bus power supply
    Drone battery charging / AGV battery charging
    Wireless Powered Table / LED Light / Magnetic Levitation

PR Technology's solutions provide the following features and advantages.

  • Wireless Power Transmitter / Receiver (customizable)
  • High-efficiency magnetic resonance system
  • Maximum transmit power: 4KW (currently released)
  • Maximum receiving power: 400W per unit (currently available)
  • Maximum transmit/receive distance: 1.5m for 200W, 300mm for 400W
  • Consistent transmission with Smart Control in metal environments
  • Power transmission frequency: 10KHz~400KHz, 1.78MHz, 6.78MHz
  • No additional LF (low current) impedance matching circuit required
  • Supports Load-Following operation mode if necessary
  • Single or receiver support