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We provide convenience to life with our new technology.

About Us

CEO Greetings

It would not be an overstatement to say that the global environment we live in is now fierce and that technology is essential for survival and the future of companies and countries depends on it. Global companies are already filing and securing intellectual property rights related to their own technology and related technology because technology is the survival of the company.PR Technology is researching with the question of why we can't have the technology that can change the world in the reality of Korea, where there are few global leading technologies that will bring innovation to our real life and industry beyond simple high-tech technology. Realizing early on that wireless power technology is a technology that will change our daily lives and further innovate in the industry as a whole, we have dedicated ourselves to the goal of commercializing the world's best technology only in this field. As a result of research and development for two years, the magnetic resonance wireless power transmission technology, a state-of-the-art technology of PR Technology, which has been successfully developed and is nearing commercialization, has developed all technologies and systems that can supply electric energy wirelessly. The ripple effect on the industry as a whole will be the leading player in transforming our future society. Furthermore, we will grow into a specialized global company with technology that contributes to solving human energy problems by convergence and complex development in the field of new and renewable energy.

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    PR Technology Inc.

  • Establish

    23. 04. 2019

  • CEO

    Chang guk Kim

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  • Capital

    6,701,800 CAN

  • We aim to create technology that transcends limits by breaking stereotypes.
  • "Power" symbolizes the power to challenge limitless growth and possibilities
  • "Republic" dreams of becoming a professional global company that contributes to solving human energy problems
  • We dream of becoming a professional global company that contributes to solving human energy problems with technological systems.