PR Technology

We provide convenience in life with new cable-free technology by researching the power used by
all electronic devices around us anytime, anywhere. anytime! anywhere!

PR Technology

A power network that connects the world!

PR Technology

A convenient life that adds value to life with wireless
power transmission technology that goes beyond innovation

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    PR Technology that is always with customers is a new vision..
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    Introducing PR Technology that can raise future value one step further.


High-efficiency wireless power technology for various portable devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and LED lighting accessories

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    It was developed with high-efficiency wireless power technology for use in mobile phones,
    laptops, wearable devices, portable medical equipment and LED lighting accessories.

  • Smart Mobility / Dronen

    It was developed as a high power wireless power technology for use in industrial applications
    such as wireless powered conveyor systems, AGVs, transport robots, and drones.

  • Factory Automation

    Developed with high-power wireless power technology for industrial applications
    (e.g. wireless power charging systems such as electric vehicles).

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    PR Technology is a proven leader in wireless power transmission technology with solutions in
    a wide range of applications including smartphones, automobiles, industrial and medical fields.

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1001 - 1166 Alberni St. Vancouver, BC V6E 3Z3 Canada

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